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Poetry for Hope

Poetry can reduce stress and fears and help relieve the pain of loss. We can read several poems from people who suffer from chronic pain which is not easy to live with, from soldiers and others affected by the war all around the world, about the feeling of being neglected and abandonment after an unsuccessful relationship.  

Many Children with cancer and their families also find that writing poems can help them cope with their emotions during the treatment process and subsequent recovery. Sometimes it is surprising how little children express their fears and hopes with nice words.

“Poetry for Hope” is a project of collecting these poems from different languages and translating them to English. This collection will be an anthology of children’s cancer-related poetry from children, parents, family caregivers, healthcare providers and also from professional poets.

There is no published work for the childhood-cancer poetry. Previous projects focused on collecting English poems which are not related to children. So this worldwide project is unique. Also this project can be helpful for fundraising and attracting people to help children with cancer.

Everyone who is interested in this poetry project is welcome to join us. Volunteers can be involved in finding, translating and revising. The last step is so important because the poetic form of the translated poems should be checked. 

If you need more information, please contact Alireza Shams.



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